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Powers of Ten Events

Thank you to everyone who has been emailing us about their exciting events in celebration of 10/10/10. Here is a world map of these special events that we have heard about so far – a family planning to watch the film together in California, a workshop at an architecture firm in Colorado, an outdoor screening of the film, and an interview as part of lecture series (both will be in New York City), musical recitals in the USA and England, and a special program of events at museums in the USA and Europe.

There are so many ways to celebrate over the next 1,000 days and we will be updating continuously as new events come in. If you would like your event to be included on the list, please email us the following details about your event:
Date & Time
Photo (if available)
Web link for further information (if available)

We look forward to hearing how you will be celebrating!

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